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Welcome to the Decoupage Guild Australia

The Decoupage Guild Australia is committed to promoting the art of Decoupage by presenting members’ work to the general public and offer a forum for education and communication amongst Découpeurs, the trade and the public.

We’d like to share with you the unlimited possibilities of Découpage – an 18th Century art form of decorating objects with painted background, cutout paper images forming a design under varnish to achieve the effect of inlay artworks.

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Decoupage Guild Australia is committed to promoting the art of Découpage.

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A Brief History of Découpage (click to expand)

The fine art of découpage originated in Venice, Italy during the 18th century when artisans of the time were inspired to imitate the popular oriental lacquered work.  Their technique was to use hand-coloured paper cut-outs that were glued and varnished onto furniture.  It was called “Lacca Povera” or “Poor man’s art” and the idea progressively spread throughout Europe.  French enthusiasts gave découpage its present name which is a derivative of the word “decouper” – meaning to cut out.

Découpage is a timeless art that uses paper cut-outs to creatively decorate objects with hard surfaces such as wood, bisque, glass, eggs etc.  The paper images are cut to create a design which is then glued onto a complementary painted background, gold leaf or other decorative background elements.  Varnish and sanding techniques are then applied in order to achieve a finished artefact which, when completed, can rival the finest piece of inlaid wooden art or the most delicate piece of porcelain.

The Découpage Guild Australia Inc. was formed in Victoria in 1984 by a group of dedicated découpeurs.  Since its inception it has provided generalised and specialised guidance to set découpage apart as a true art form and prides itself on the beautiful pieces produced by its members.  The Guild offers a medium through which members can meet and exchange ideas as well as being the central source of information for the general public.  Members receive a copy of the Guild newsletter, “The Cut Out”, issued bi-monthly and participate in the Guild’s activities including meetings, displays, exchange of ideas and exhibitions.  Meetings are held six times per year on a Saturday and usually commence with a workshop conducted by skilled découpage tutors.  Traders attend the meetings selling materials suitable for découpage.  Members bring their own lunch with light refreshments provided by the Guild.  A short business meeting follows and concludes with an afternoon guest speaker.  Meetings are held at North Balwyn Uniting Church, 17-21 Duggan Street, Balwyn North, Victoria.  Dates and times of these meetings are publicised in “The Cut Out” and on the Guild website.

Over the years 18th century découpage has evolved to meet the 21st century, embracing new concepts, new products and innovative styles.  Aside from traditional découpage, other styles include repousse, (moulage) and dimensional découpage.

Melbourne is among the leading cities of the world where this art is taught, with many of the finest tutors involved in passing on their expertise in classes, guild meetings, exhibitions and via the website.

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Saturday 15 June, 2024

Balwyn Uniting Church
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24 - 27 July 2024

About the Guild

The Guild is committed to promoting the art of traditional Découpage by presenting members’ work to the general public and offer a forum for education and communication amongst decoupeurs, the trade and the public.

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