Eggs – A New Beginning

Découpage eggs are real, lovingly decoupaged by Members' of Découpage Guild Australia.

Eggs – A New Beginning

All eggs in these cabinets are real, lovingly decoupaged by Members’ of Découpage Guild Australia.

The Guild was formed in 1984 by a group of dedicated découpeurs. 2022 is no different – we aim high.


Découpage is a timeless art that uses paper cut-outs to creatively decorate objects with hard surfaces such as wood, bisque, glass, eggs etc. These paper images are cut to create a design which is glued onto a complementary painted background. Varnish and sanding techniques are applied to achieve a finished artefact which when completed can rival the finest piece of inlaid wooden art or the most delicate piece of porcelain.

Examples of Tools & Materials Used

  • Eggs – Quail, Hen, Duck, Emu and Ostrich
  • Egg blower (for small eggs). Emu & Ostrich bought already blown
  • Curved scissors for fine cutting
  • Paper Images (Various sources) – Cut to decorate object
  • Paint/Brushes/Sponges – Glue – Sandpapers various grits (Dry and/or Wet & Dry) – Varnish


  • Jenny Aiken
  • Margaret Collier
  • Pauline Fodera
  • Maura Gazzola
  • Ruzica Gossan
  • Areta Hurnard
  • Yoshie Lechner
  • Fay Marwick
  • Milu Pattinson
  • Nanette Petherick
  • Elizabeth Tuz
  • Anthea Vitarelli
  • Anne White
  • Carol Zucker

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The Guild is committed to promoting the art of traditional Découpage by presenting members’ work to the general public and offer a forum for education and communication amongst decoupeurs, the trade and the public.

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